Sponsorship opportunities are now open, benefits include:

  • Full Branding rights during the Africa Luxury Expo 202 for Title Sponsors
  • Full Marketing expo rights and on boarding other brands to join forces with your brand in collaboration
  • Ability to define the Africa Luxury Expo Agenda for the 3 days
  • An exclusive evening of networking for your VIP clients with the Luxury brands
  • Full Mention rights as title sponsor in all advertising campaigns
  • Be part of deciding and naming the next top brands in Africa in Luxury
  • Ability to help train, mentor and empower emerging Luxury brands under your mentorship program
  • Be part of an Expo that brings a different spin of Expos to the market. An expo that is not only different but bridges the cultural divide across Africa to have cross cultures represented from across Africa all under one roof
  • Support Women who believe in Africa and who are driving Africa‚Äôs success Agenda
  • This Expo will be another revenue stream for you brands through ticket sales, and other revenue streams that make the expo a success
  • Take brand pride in igniting much needed economic boost in our country through tourism from visitors from all walks of the globe
  • Help Create International market access for our own Africa grown brands which will forge alliances with international brands
  • Be part of an event that will give back shared value to various select charities
  • Complementary tickets to our VIP sections
  • Access to the VIP database after the expo subject to POPI laws and data protection act
  • Special connect one to one meeting with key exhibitors for potential future partnership and business
  • Opportunity to create own video content for branding and marketing during the show with represented brands
  • An opportunity to distribute sample gifts and or marketing collateral to attendees during the expo.

Please contact for more information.

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